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Investing in utility tokens has been a large part of our cryptocurrency journey so far. However, the reality is, many of these investments have been fraught with poor returns, false promises and scammers for a long time now.

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Investing in utility tokens give the investor nothing more but the potential to make gains on the utility itself or access a system or service without having any equity or rights within the company.

Change is needed, and it is coming thick and fast in the form of security tokens. The time will come when utility tokens will be used for what they are intended…. utility only, and investors can invest in these same companies but actually have the crypto-equivalent of stocks and shares.

Tokenized securities are the talk of the town, not only with the crypto-community, but with companies and institutions that have not been involved with cryptocurrency thus far. The benefits of trading securities on the blockchain are obvious both for investment purposes and raising capital for companies.

From converting existing instruments such as real estate, shares, commodities, and pensions to security tokens, to the creation of new projects that will use security tokens to raise funds and give the crypto- investor some ‘skin in the game’.

By default, regulation will come with security tokens. Something that, in my view is desperately needed in the crypto space, providing licensed exchanges and an openness and transparency that is long overdue.

On my travels I have been searching for a platform that I can use for my investments and trades as a retail investor and whilst there are a few options out there, I am yet to find one a comprehensive as DESICO.

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In essence, DESICO is the one stop shop that I am looking for. It allows me to be part of a community which shares a common interest in security tokens which provides the following benefits:

  • Trading tokenized securities on their regulated exchange;
  • Get in on ground level as new blockchain startups are born on their platform via their incubator service;
  • No ‘whale’ discounts to help protect investments from the normal pump and dump;
  • Regulatory protection;
  • No price manipulation and the removal of scams or fraudulent projects.


As a retail investor, it provides me every tool I require.

If you know of any other platforms, I would be grateful to hear from you. If this is where cryptocurrency investment is heading, we have a bright future with less risk that will no doubt bring in the masses and drive cryptocurrency and the blockchain forward to become a defining moment in our history.

I discuss DESICO in this article, as they seem to be the catalyst for tokenized security adoption. I live in hope that other comprehensive platforms are forthcoming to provide choice, but for now I have only found DESICO.

DESICO goes on sale on 7th November 2018.

For more information join their Telegram Group or visit their website.


This article is based purely on my opinion. I do not endorse any of the companies or branding that I write about. I use them them for demonstration purposes only, to make a point or as an example. This is not financial or any other form of advice.

John Kenny Ex-pat Englishman now living in Australia. I have been in the IT industry for over 25 years in both the UK and Australia. Driven by technology and innovation, I am passionate about blockchain and the potential it has to change the world we live in for future generations.

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