Advertising, Travel & the Blockchain

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Adverts… the bane of our lives when trying to watch our favorite show or movie on TV. Intrusive, distracting and rapidly declining in value for advertising companies due to our aversion to them. The average show or movie on TV punishes us with between 15 to 25 minutes of ads per hour (depending on what country you are in). I mean, how many of us watch terrestrial TV these days and if we do, we use devices like Tivos which can identify when adverts start and stop and filter them out for us. Options like Netflix and Amazon and other…...

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John Kenny Ex-pat Englishman now living in Australia. I have been in the IT industry for over 25 years in both the UK and Australia. Driven by technology and innovation, I am passionate about blockchain and the potential it has to change the world we live in for future generations.