88% of small business owners say they hope to increase their revenue in the next year- but many aren’t sure exactly how to make that happen. For businesses with fewer than ten employees, scalability is a big issue. We may see it presented in hiring challenges, struggles with increasing profits or growing revenue, and cash flow.

Far from just another industry buzzword, scalability simply means the ability your business has to adapt, expand, and upgrade. Small businesses in particular struggle with developing scalability in their operations, as 50% have issues hiring new employees, and 48% face stagnating profits. What results is the leaders of these small businesses playing many different roles, taking on bookkeeping responsibilities, secretary work, or customer service representation on top of being CEO, doing more harm than good in the long-run. Develop scalability in your own business by delegating powerfully, focusing on meeting growing market demand, and making room for more clients with heftier projects.

Are you ready to make scalability a priority in your business? Read through this infographic as a guide to the art and science of scalability in business, how to play to your strengths in outsourcing, when to keep operations in-house, and how to scale-up for truly meaningful growth.



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