The Artificial Intelligence 8 Billion Dataset Ecosystem

7 min read

In about 5 years from now, 2024, the world population is expected to be around 8 billion. Now, not all of that 8 billion will be using natural language processing (NLP)-enabled services, but this is a good base to begin to evaluate the potential impact and value of a hypothetical single layer ecosystem model supporting a conversational natural language understanding support system. I know, that was a lot of words. Let’s drill into just what all this might mean. Why 2024, and why go through this analysis? Great questions. First, why go through this analysis? Within the discipline of artificial…...

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Malcolm Dickson Malcolm’s first program was written in 1979 for an engineering class. It was a stack of cards submitted to a person who then submitted them to the computer that generated a graph. Since then he has been working with computer systems, programming, and delivering software solutions across a variety of hardware platforms and software languages. Across his career he has been keenly interested in artificial intelligence, specifically the constraints within the various approaches to the problem of “intelligence." Malcolm is currently focused on strategies and implementations that advance supporting elements of artificial general intelligence. Malcolm particularly enjoys writing at the intersection of computer science, neuroscience, and business.