Alternative Data is the Key to Investor Success

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alternative data

Today’s hedge fund managers and analysts are increasingly shifting their gaze toward alternative data as a linchpin asset to drive investment decisions. In fact, seventy-eight percent of hedge funds are currently using or are expecting to use alternative data (per Ernst & Young, up from 52% in 2016). Hedge funds seek alternative data sets because they want a unique view of the market or a business or industry. Historically, analysis of traditional data – SEC filings, quarterly earnings, press releases, etc. – has been a cornerstone and common denominator of investment strategy. However, alternative data – sources such as survey…...

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Gary Read Gary Read is CEO and Chairman of, the leading web data integration company. Gary leads’s team of engineers, data scientists, product gurus, marketing mavericks and algorithmic magicians to build a truly transformative company that enables an easy way to create structured data from anything that is on the web. Throughout his career, Gary has served as a leader, advisor and board member to numerous technology companies with a strong track record of scaling their businesses to eventual exits. Previously, Gary served as founder and CEO at Nimsoft, acquired by CA Technologies, and CEO at Boundary, acquired by BMC. As a member of Riversoft’s executive team, Gary contributed to the company’s IPO and eventual acquisition by Micromuse. Gary also served as advisor to LogicMonitor and board member to Granicus, leading both to acquisitions by Vista Equity.