A whopping 85% of decision-makers in business believe they have less than two years to integrate digital initiatives before competitors overtake them, according to a survey by Advance2000. The study further indicates that 45% of executives claim digital transformation will boost return on investment, and 25% say it will enhance the customer experience. These statistics show how essential it is for businesses to embrace digital transformation, as technologies continue to evolve and these numbers continue to increase year over year.

Automate Business Processes by Outsourcing IT

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must make strategic decisions and utilize available resources efficiently to survive. For this reason, many companies are automating business processes, which can help to eliminate costs and waste within an organization. Automation provides an effective way for businesses to manage many tasks with minimal human interaction.

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However, to reap the benefits of business process automation, companies must learn how to plan and implement projects without facing challenges like lost data, network interruptions, or reduced productivity. Whether you are operating a small or medium-sized organization, outsourcing IT consulting services can be a vital strategy for optimal business automation. Utilizing professional guidance can help businesses adopt IT practices that streamline growth and development in a greater capacity than they would be able to do on their own.

Further, outsourcing IT responsibilities allows employees to focus on their primary roles. Oftentimes, IT can fall on employees who are not chiefly responsible for technology-related tasks. By outsourcing these tasks to an external team, both non-technical and technical employees can better manage their time, which will lead to boosted productivity and efficiency for the whole company,

Effective Business Communication 

New business communication technologies improve how companies connect with remote employees, partners, and customers in their specific industries. The benefits of improved communication include increased productivity, cost reduction, and optimized workflow. For a business to experience these benefits, it has to invest in advanced communication technology trends.

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Artificial intelligence-based technologies like Siri and Alexa, for example, offer fast and reliable communication while leveraging user behavior. Companies looking for high-speed connections, THz frequencies-5G, and 6G mobile networks provide super-fast frequency bandwidth. With 5G networks, companies can use mobile devices to interact seamlessly via video communication while selecting the maximum resolution available.

Moreover, AI is changing the way that businesses communicate both internally and externally with targeted marketing campaigns. Utilizing AI’s group of technologies, including machine learning, predictive analytics, and language processing, marketers can make their campaigns more strategic and targeted than ever before. Now, “smart” campaigns can forecast the way audiences will respond to certain advertisements on social media channels, open emails, and click through to a business’ website for better results.

Tech to Enhance Customer Service 

Customers expect to access products and services fast without media interruption or change of channels. In addition to a seamless buying process, customers want advanced self-service operations. To meet these demands, a company must rely on new technological innovations like bots, blockchain, AI, and face-to-face video communication. Integrating these types of technologies is the only way that companies can meet customer expectations, as competitors will certainly be utilizing these innovations already to improve customer success.

In particular, face-to-face video communication like Zoom for video conferencing and Loom for video voicemail are good examples of how technology improves the customer support experience. Video communication helps companies meet customer expectations because face-to-face communication creates room for customers to share their opinions on areas that need improvement. Further, customers will feel well-connected to companies that offer the option to video chat, as any time they have an issue or concern, they will be able to speak to a customer service representative immediately who is not just a bot.

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Another innovation that can enhance customer service is providing mobile access that eases a customer’s overall buying experience. Having a mobile app is basically a must-have in today’s business environment, as customers want to easily and quickly get information whenever they want. Though they are not a new technology, mobile apps are still seen as innovative markers of progress for companies, especially ones that started out smaller-scale. Mobile apps also provide a simple way to alert your customer base of new offers, specials, and company news. Having all of your company’s information in one streamlined app is almost essential in today’s crowded market, especially when customers want news and details on-demand.

For every business, irrespective of size and industry, the ultimate focus is on growth and development. To succeed, enterprises are utilizing advanced technologies that are not only practical but affordable. With new technologies, a company can automate, integrate, and re-structure operational processes effectively and at a cost-effective rate. This leads to increased productivity, better customer support experience, effective communication, and reduced costs.


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