How Private Investigators Use Technology to Track You

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Private investigators have gotten a hell of a lot better at merely snapping pictures of you at the mall. In modern times, they rely on the help of the data fusion business. Private investigators can do much damage, especially when you are innocent. It is simple for them to track anyone. People use public WiFi without a VPN, use their debit cards, use public services such as libraries, use addresses on their licenses. You also may be a registered voter and have social media accounts that you use. The funny thing about it is that a private investigator would not…...

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Mari Colham Mari Colham is a court reporter, freelance reporter, domestic violence volunteer and survivor, cab driver, and survivor of identity theft from her abusive ex-spouse. She has an Associates Degree in Business Administration, graduated with honors, and is from Nothern Louisiana where she had to take prevention and safety measures into her own hands due to her ex-spouse's connections with law enforcement and their uncooperation to work with her. Her passions are speaking the truth against domestic abuse, spoiling her cat, Lil Man, fishing, mud hogging, and reading crime novels.