How Private Investigators Use Technology to Track You

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Private investigators have gotten a hell of a lot better at merely snapping pictures of you at the mall. In modern times, they rely on the help of the data fusion business. Private investigators can do much damage, especially when you are innocent. It is simple for them to track anyone. People use public WiFi without a VPN, use their debit cards, use public services such as libraries, use addresses on their licenses. You also may be a registered voter and have social media accounts that you use.

The funny thing about it is that a private investigator would not make good money for someone so easy to find. All of these things get included in a database, and private investigators have access to multiple detailed databases to mix easily accessible public information and also private records. The subscription databases mix records such as voting records, known addresses, home ownership details, current home and cell numbers, photographs of vehicle licenses, DMV records, and more. They combine them into a report, which gets completed for $10.

Over recent years, the subscription database offerings have increased. Marketers use third-party trackers to create advertising accounts. They use them for public and private records to curate a correct profile of our lives.

Databases are changing.

The number of data generated every moment globally is multiplying. There are currently 2.5 Exabytes each day, and most of it is personal data. Therefore, databases are mixing public records with behavioral, purchasing, and demographic data.

IDI is one of the database curators and is one of the beginning companies to start the challenge of centralizing large quantities of information. IDI makes it instantly available for people who desire to pay the subscription fee. Advances in correlating purchasing and behavioral data and how they record the data is what separates them and their idiCORE database.

You may be considering cameras, cloned sim-cards, or GPS trackers on a vehicle, but it is not. IDI subtly gets your information. They operate two well-known coupon sites such as and You are asked to enter your home address, email address, and birth date when you sign up with these sites. You have instantly connected your personal information to idiCORE.

Derek Dubner, CEO of IDI, reported:

“We have repeatedly stated that this product will continually evolve, and this is just one more step in that process. Expanding our data assets is an essential part of our product roadmap. Coupled with our proprietary analytics and linking technology, greater data translates to greater insight, resulting in a more powerful solution for our customers. The addition of criminal records is an important step in widening the addressable markets served by idiCORE.”

You share details of your personal information when you sign up for a quote on You will be asked to give away medical information to provide medical discounts for your health on when you sign up with that site.


How do you feel about your privacy? These databases are real, and our data is getting used. It cannot get removed from the list, and it can also later lead to an issue if you are innocent of committing a crime. Unless you have engaged in criminal activities, gone missing, committed fraud, or committed an act of terrorism, then, you should get caught. However, I was in a situation where I was leaving my abusive ex-spouse and unsupportive family. I had no support. I disappeared and was safe with a friend. My ex-husband and family hired a private investigator to locate me in my safe haven, which placed me at risk again. That is when it is not fair.

IDI makes a serious breach of your data. The private investigator had the nerve to inform me that Facebook was the first place he searched, but I had no Facebook page. Facebook is the number one place they examine. He found me through the DMV.

Unless you pay the entry fee for the IDI and PI databases, you cannot view your profile. It is a massive issue for the innocent because you cannot prevent it from occurring. IDI is aware of how many rooms are in your home, your favorite food, your routines, your favorite movies, and the color of your vehicle.

They watch you with every click.

Public databases are public and are kept up and updated by government offices. Other information is publicly available as well. We can use different methods to try to stem the data leaks into the public, which is managing your digital profile online. Social media is the first option they check. Be careful what you post, and do not post anything too personal. In my case, I’ve learned not to care anymore and am living my life because I am doing nothing illegal. I also believe in karma.

Mari Colham Mari Colham is a court reporter, freelance reporter, domestic violence volunteer and survivor, cab driver, and survivor of identity theft from her abusive ex-spouse. She has an Associates Degree in Business Administration, graduated with honors, and is from Nothern Louisiana where she had to take prevention and safety measures into her own hands due to her ex-spouse's connections with law enforcement and their uncooperation to work with her. Her passions are speaking the truth against domestic abuse, spoiling her cat, Lil Man, fishing, mud hogging, and reading crime novels.

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