The dynamic of office culture has matured over the years. Learning from bullpen, cubicle, and open office layouts, today’s employees seek a flexible office environment. This values a healthy work-life balance within the office, ultimately supporting health and wellbeing with opportunities for various perks. A flexible office provides psychological comfort to attract & retain the best talent, as well as to boost their productivity while working.

Today, premier tech companies are favored for their eccentric office culture and workplace perks. For example, Google, Airbnb, and Evernote provide their team with free gourmet and catered meals and SC Johnson offers a concierge service to run your personal errands while you work. Hungry employees lose focus, and take longer, more frequent breaks and make the easiest choices rather than thinking creativity. As a result, offering free snacks and even a wellness program are easy, affordable approaches to increasing productivity and creativity.

In July 2018, 3.5 million Americans quit their jobs – a 17-year high. With employees job-hopping more than ever, this is the perfect time to differentiate your business. Set your values clear to current and potential employees, recognize and reward employees, offer benefits and perks, and showcase awards and celebrate your company culture. Encourage work-life balance, create a community, and support healthy behaviors. Is your office ready for the future of work?

Office Culture



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