Currency markets present one of the most challenging but rewarding market opportunities to both institutional and individual investors.

With the advancement of algorithms and applications, what gives investors some of the best competitive edges are the quality, granularity, and timeliness of today’s highly complex currency markets.

JOIN US at Quandl’s Webinar on FX Transaction Data: Applications for the Sell-Side

10am EST – October 1, 2019

In partnership with CLS, Abraham Thomas, Chief Data Officer and Co-founder of Quandl, will provide us an in-depth look at how CLS data presents a level of insight not available in most of other applications and data sources in the FX markets.

  • how to gauge current liquidity in near real-time;
  • understanding your market share vis-a-vis your competitors;
  • knowing who is trading what; across banks, funds, corporates, and non-bank financials.

currency market data

Having operated in the currency markets for a long time, I believe access to the above data, in the sense of its depth and intelligence, will tremendously improve your strategy development capacity and performance. It will benefit fund managers, quants and data scientists who are interested to develop strategies in these markets.

Some background of the CLS FX Volume Data is also available here.


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