New Cycle? Four Future Possibilities of Bitcoin, Part 1  

5 min read

In Part 1, we draw relations from the key factors of the global macro economy to Bitcoin’s future. By observing public information, we are able to draw four possible future scenarios (only one scenario will be explained in Part 1), of which we will analyze its impact on the price of Bitcoin. History always repeats itself. The Bitcoin market this year had a negative correlation with the global macro-economy, just like that of 2013. At that time, Bitcoin was very much in the public’s eye, ushering in the first bull market. Would the Bitcoin market this year be a repeat…...

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Runyu Wong Wang Runyu graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, majoring in accounting. Prior to joining X-Order, he had two years of research experience at securities companies and hedge funds, focusing on consumer goods and the technology industry. He is currently a Financial Analyst at X-Order, specializing in the analysis of the cryptocurrency market and investment in quality projects.