What Mobile Banking Means for the Digital Economy?

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Everyone talks about “fintech.” But, fintech is nothing more than clever applications of financial technology to solve problems for consumers and businesses. Going Digital Between 2004 and 2016, the digital economy expanded at an annual rate of 5.6%, which was nearly four-times as fast the rate of the non-digital economy. Technological advances are making it possible to do things that we would have thought were science fiction just a decade ago. One of these simple advances is mobile banking. The introduction of the iPhone provided consumers with a supercomputer at their fingertips, so it was only a matter of time…...

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Christos Makridis Christos A. Makridis serves as a (Research) Assistant Professor at Arizona State University, a Digital Fellow at the MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy, a non-resident fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Cyber Security Initiative, a non-resident fellow at the Baylor University Institute for Studies of Religion, and a senior adviser to Gallup. Christos earned his doctorates at Stanford University in economics and management science & engineering and his undergraduates at Arizona State University in economics and mathematics.