Latin American Cloud Battlefield: Tech Giants Fighting in Public and Private Clouds

2 min read

No doubt about that Cloud computing is leading in recent years the innovation in the tech industry. From the high-powered new infrastructure and more usage of the open-source options, companies are using these available resources to modernize and basically rebuild some of their core business mainly relocating big amounts of data and digital services. The big advantage of the Cloud innovation is the possibility to improve entire services and products quickly through digital channels; from Blockchain networks implementation to AI-enabled automation, cloud computing represents a big deal for all sizes companies and all industries. Names of big players in the…...

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Oscar Chavez Vera Oscar Chávez Vera is a professional economist experienced in finance and international trade with an approach in technology and innovation. He has collaborated through the years with big players in both international trade and technology industries. Currently, he´s based in México City and is working in a tech banking project for IBM across Latin America and Spain. Also, Oscar is a Commercial and Technology Adviser for Latin America and the Caribbean of, the first digital freight forwarder enabled with Blockchain which owns its own cryptocurrency, the BTNT.