How an AI-based Chatbot Can Help You Form Better Long-Term Habits

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When we think about our everyday behaviors, we often do not realize, how big is the percentage of the actions we do each day automatically. The reason: we’re “hooked” by unconscious actions that deeply connect to our needs. According to Charles Duhigg, the author of “The Power of Habit” book, about 40% to 45% of our everyday actions are unconscious, thus, we call them habits. Though it may feel like we’re making decisions, we aren’t consciously thinking them over. This is perfectly described by Nir Eyal in the “Hook Model”: First, we see a trigger, which excites us with a…...

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Kyrylo Lyzanets CEO & Founder of AIBRO. M. Sc. in Management. Wants to create a life-changing product — and is moving towards that dream fast. Believes that artificial intelligence may solve many global problems if used properly. Enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons (his favorite character is a drow rogue), cue sports, and playing the piano."Technologies now seem to have weakened our connections with our families and loved ones. I believe that they are also able to reverse the process and make us happier. By freeing up time and using technology wisely, we are free to pay our attention to the things that really matter"