Could Modern Monetary Theory Save America?

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I Become President For A Day To Apply Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) To The US Economy Politicians and academics are making dramatic claims about MMT. I apply it to the 2018 US economy and learn that debt isn’t always debt. Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) sounds dull and morose, but it’s creating quite a stir: Warren Mosler, a leading MMT thinker, apparently fills stadia in Italy. (Well, definitely meeting halls!) Professor Stephanie Kelton, an MMT evangelist, was mobbed in Japan. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY Rep), who justifies policy using MMT, is the centre of controversy. Have a look at this, and this,…...

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William Murphy I've been in the technology industry for 30 years. I began my career writing code to emulate IBM cluster controllers in the twilight of mainframes. In the early 2000s, I designed provisioning software for British Telecom's national MPLS network, before moving into IP network design. In the last ten years my outlook has become more commercial. My academic training started with a. first in Computer Science, and I received my MBA from Durham. I'm a keen runner and play piano.