Thoughts on the Long Term Winner

2 min read

Today we are going to discuss how the long term survivability of a prospective crypto asset is the single best indicator of its investment quality. We will also consider capital’s role in this model and why this is the best approach to investing in a crypto asset. Let us consider a thought experiment. Suppose I offer to sell you two stocks (representing two companies), you must hold one of these certificates for 100 years, if you choose the one with the highest yield at the end of these hundred years, you will gain your hearts desire. Further, I will tell…...

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Pablo Lema My name is Pablo and I have been working in and around virtual currency since early 2006. I got started in gaming and have participated in several e-currency related startups, including: Tradcom South America, Butter Creek Software (Butter-Bot trading software), and; mostly at a rank equivalent to COO or above. I have also participated in many retail ventures related to e-money, and had experience with e-gold and other early attempts to create a means to exchange value over the internet. I have been active in Bitcoin since early 2011, and active in the altcoin market since 2012.