Digital Currencies, Blockchain and the Future of Money

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“Blockchain”, “cryptocurrencies”, “tokenisation”, and now “central bank digital currencies” have made it into the technology hype cycle vocabulary, but what’s the difference between all these terms and what do they mean for the future of money? Why are regulators around the world so concerned about Libra, and why is China accelerating their blockchain initiatives and so eager to launch a digital renminbi? Below, we’ll differentiate the terminologies relating to digital currencies and set out the global ambitions by governments and regulators, which may enable full transparency (as well as subject individuals to privacy risks) of transaction level over the coming…...

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Peter Xing Peter is a keynote speaker and writer on transhumanism and emerging technologies. He is the co-founder of Transhumanism Australia, a community of technologists dedicated to helping society transcend the limitations of our human biology using science and technology. He also works on technology and growth initiatives for KPMG, one of the world’s largest consulting firms, helping organisations navigate and flourish in these unprecedented times of accelerating change and disruption. Peter is part of the SingularityU Australia faculty and an advisory board member. He is also an executive member of Science Party Australia, a political party committed to upholding the scientific method in policymaking