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Ido Singer hosts a very unique podcast called The One Last Thought podcast. Through the medium of podcast episodes, he has created a platform for people to share that one most important life lesson they would like to share with the world.

Ido is in his forties and he has only very recently realised that his ‘why’ which influences his sense of purpose comes from his desire to create. Talking to Ido got me reflecting on how following my own desire to create has changed my life for the better. It helped me to go from someone with a general apathy for my education to someone who got excited at the prospect of self-directed learning. It helped me to see coding as another way of thinking. A form of thinking that made the digital world much more accessible and relatable to me.


Creating my podcast has helped me face fears I would have no other reason to otherwise willingly face. Fears wrapped up in thoughts such as the thought of people laughing at me or the thought of creating something only to realise that I was completely wrong about my initial thoughts and assumptions.

Reality has taught me that the people that matter don’t laugh at me, they might at times laugh with me but not directly at me. It has also changed my relationships with my thoughts about life and my assumptions. Invariably most of my thoughts and assumptions have either been proven wrong or I have found a nuance I hadn’t seen before. I have learned to accept this and even enjoy this. I’m starting to see it as a part of any creative or entrepreneurial process. I see it as a sign of my mind expanding rather than the attack on my ego that I naively perceived it to be in the past.

I have even noticed my language change as I feel less of a need to say words like ‘mission’ and ‘purpose’. I guess I’m starting to realise that I don’t have to convince anyone of anything. My life is created from my actions and my responses to life and my life will happen regardless of what words I use to describe the experience.

The podcast has certainly changed my life. It gives me an outlet to meet new people and to consistently focus my thoughts, energy and attention on a life I feel somehow aligned with. After a long day at work, I don’t always feel like doing a podcast but I know that when I do I always somehow feel re-energised from doing it. It has a similar effect on me mentally that going to the gym has on me.

However, I think writing has changed my life even more profoundly than podcasting. Strangely enough it has helped me to pay more attention to non verbal communication and to the silence that is in the background as I walk my way through the events that make up my life.

As I have learned to befriend the narrator inside my head and started harnessing it’s power through the words on this page, I have noticed that the chatter in my head is a lot less than it used to be. There is less confusion in my head as a result of working through the many conflicts that were consuming my mind. There is more space to create with and to have the impact I wanted to have with my creative endeavours.

I am still confused by myself and the world at large but writing helps me to become a little less confused each day. The world might at times look confusing but a confusing world that I know is of my own creation makes a lot more sense to me.

You can listen to the full episode here.

Denis Murphy Denis is an author, linguist, software engineer and podcaster from Ireland. At heart he is a polymath. His many interests range from foreign languages to computer programming. He speaks 4 languages including French and he is currently learning Japanese. On his podcast, The Happy Mindset, he helps fellow polymaths to make sense of their many interests through solo episodes and conversations that explore human psychology, creative writing and what it means to lead a happy and fulfilling life. He discovered his love for creative writing after some mental health issues he experienced in his early 20’s. His first book was published at the end of 2019 and is called Taking my Life Back.

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