How Hedge Funds Are Profiting From Your Data

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The Full Extent of How Your Personal Data is Being (Mis)used You are going to the supermarket for groceries; on your shopping list, you have fruits, chocolate, and paper towels. While this is a simple purchase, the data gathered from this transaction is anything but simple. This transaction creates a detailed dataset that includes your demographic profile, what you are buying, and where you are shopping. The same customers who shopped that day will have their data aggregated with yours and turned into a report to be sold. So who’s the buyer? It’s likely to be a hedge fund. Hedge…...

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Jia Yung Lee A tech content marketer for 2 years and more, Jia Yung writes content on topics related to Blockchain, Crypto, Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. You can find him at or at a cafe drinking Vanilla Latte.