5 things you should know about Disruptive Innovation that most people don’t understand

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Do you really understand the principles described in Disruptive Innovation by Clayton Christensen? Here is a quick guide to help you. In January 2020, the business world lost a great thinker and practitioner about why good, and even great companies, lose out to new companies that introduce disruptive technologies. Clayton Christensen wrote the Innovator’s Dilemma in 1994.  This was followed by many articles in the Harvard Business Review and several other books to help companies understand where disruptive technology comes from and how to at least stay in step and possibly learn how to create their own disruptive technology. With…...

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Frank Spevak Being a leader in a number of different organizations, small and multi-national, private and public, has provided me with unique experiences to bring new products to market, take existing products to new markets, create training programs for customers, trainers and distributors, reorganizing sales networks, creating strategic plans that have clear measurable and actionable goals, providing leadership at the top management team level. The value of continuous improvement and education is essential. After being in the workforce for several years, I was able to receive a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, cum laude, from the Loyola University of Chicago, studying at night. I also received an Executive MBA from St. Thomas University in St. Paul. Industry involvement is critical to understanding customer needs and wants and the direction in which they are going. I have had the privilege of being the chair of several industry committees and been a contributing author on various standards.