An Anecdote of Averages!

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Get to know the 3 M’s – Mean, Median, Mode of statistics a little deeper, they trick you more so often. We encounter sentences like “The average salary of a teacher in the..”, almost on a daily basis, in newspapers, articles, reports etc. The number that is being reported as the so called average is not of much value to us and we cannot interpret much from it, as to what it really means, unless we figure out which one of the common kinds of average is being used in the context. Mean, Median and Mode are the three common…...

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Priyasha Prasad I am currently doing my Masters in Business Analytics. My topics of interests include Statistics, Econometrics, Database Management, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Data Governance and Ethics, Digital Transformation. I am an Information Technology Professional with 3 years of Technology Consulting experience, as a Business technology Analyst, working in projects from Healthcare, Insurance and Banking domains at Deloitte Consulting. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I enjoy writing, reading books on a variety of topics and blogs on fashion, health and fitness . I am passionate about art & crafts - enjoy making DIY projects, practising doodle art and sewing basic patterns.