Capitalism and Fake Modernity

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Capitalism is a type of economy in which wealth is privatized, as individuals own the means of producing goods and earn a profit. This economic system has shown itself historically to be highly innovative, since some of the profit can be reinvested to improve the business, and private ownership entails competition between companies to solve problems by meeting or creating new demands. There are economists and businesspeople who practically worship capitalism. They see the rapid technological advances, the enormous wealth created, and the trickling down of some of that wealth which eliminated much world poverty and created the “First World’s”…...

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Benjamin Cain Freelance writer. Ph.D. in philosophy from University of Western Ontario. Writes mainly on philosophy and religion, with special interests in existentialism, creativity, and technology. He's the author of a novel, God Decays, and of three anthologies, Cosmic Horror for Clever Animals, Howling in the Void, and Dirge of the Awakened Ones. You can read his writings on Medium and on his blog which he started in 2011.