What Happens Next?

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“What happens next?  You know, once all of this is over?” my friend asked. “There will be a new normal, but what will it look like?” This is the question everyone is asking. Lots of people proclaim to have the answer.  Some are based on history, but history isn’t a great predictor of the future.  Some opinions are based on trends and projections but rely assumptions which may or may not be true.  Many are based on our hopes or fears, but those are grounded in emotions which can change from one moment to the next. No one actually has…...

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Robyn Bolton Robyn is the Founder & Chief Navigator at MileZero, where she works with large organizations to go beyond innovation theory and theater to craft innovation and growth strategies, build organizational capabilities, create and test new businesses, and, most importantly, generate real business results. Prior to founding MileZero, she was a Partner at Innosight, the innovation and growth strategy consulting firm founded by Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen. Her clients include Medtronic, Ariadne Labs, Nike, Ahold USA, and DonorsChoose.org. Robyn began her career at Procter & Gamble where, as a Brand Manager, she led the launches of Swiffer and Swiffer WetJet, and led strategy and marketing for P&G's $2B Household Needs business at WalMart. She left P&G to earn her MBA at Harvard Business School and then worked for The Boston Consulting Group in both Boston and Copenhagen Denmark.