How I could hypothetically bypass Account Moderation: Fast Gradient Signed Untargeted on Deep CNN

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Learn how to use adversarial attacks to not get banned on a dating app just because you’re underage … (we do not endorse the actual application of such method …) I was reading a pretty fun paper recently where they were producing age and gender classifier using a Deep Convolution Neural Network crafted by a team at the University of Israel in their project named “Age Gender Estimation”. Then I thought to myself, what if … I managed to make the network classify a picture of an underage kid as an adult picture? Or an originally very much mature profile picture into an…...

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Michael Chan MSc Candidate to Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Data Science. Previously working as Research Intern in Suga Venture Limited, as combinatorics Research Intern at Centre Mathematiques Appliquées, and part-timer at Cubotron LPBS laboratory. My main interests are 3d modeling, inferring. Computer Vision, Adversarial Attack on DNN, Instance Segmentations, and Convex Optimisation.