Private Equity Investors Need to Keep Up With Data Analytics

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If you had a key that could unlock a shortcut to business achievement and professional success, wouldn’t you use it? The obvious answer would be yes, of course — but today, some private equity firms are fumbling with the metaphorical lock.  Big data and advanced analytics pose an incredible opportunity for growth and achievement in the private equity sector. In a financial landscape where assets are expensive, deals competitive, and stakes high, the strategic insights that advanced analytics can provide are clearly invaluable. As one writer for Bain & Company frames the matter, “These emerging technologies can offer fund managers…...

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Bennat Berger Bennat Berger is an NYC-based tech writer, investor, and entrepreneur. Berger currently serves as the founder of Novel Property Ventures, a company that specializes in finding, acquiring, and managing high-potential multifamily residential units in New York City. Bennat Berger is also the founder of Novel Private Equity, a private equity firm that gives up-and-coming tech startups the support they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive business market. Berger's experience in both fields has given him both a unique perspective on technology’s rise and an imperative to share his ideas through journalism. Bennat Berger's thoughts on the intersection of business, technology, and society can be found in Fortune, The Next Web, and VentureBeat, among other publications.