Speeding up Digitalization of Tech Banking: Cloud and AI as pandemic winners

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The economic effects of the pandemic SARS-CoV-2 are pushing the struggle to the main industries of each country, conveying certain national economic crisis into a global one. If there´s no consumer of products and services, eventually, there will be no money to produce, and the shortage of products and services will bring us clear consequences, massive lay-offs, and breaks in the supply chain. To avoid the dramatic side of the economic crisis (increase in crime rates, lower tax collection, impoverishment of people, etc.) let’s only focus on the tools and resources that technology can provide as relief in the banking…...

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Oscar Chavez Vera Oscar Chávez Vera is a professional economist experienced in finance and international trade with an approach in technology and innovation. He has collaborated through the years with big players in both international trade and technology industries. Currently, he´s based in México City and is working in a tech banking project for IBM across Latin America and Spain. Also, Oscar is a Commercial and Technology Adviser for Latin America and the Caribbean of Bitnautic.com, the first digital freight forwarder enabled with Blockchain which owns its own cryptocurrency, the BTNT.