Are we having a dress rehearsal for a police state?

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In his syndicated column, Dennis Prager claims that we are amid a dress rehearsal for a police state. He alleges that the coronavirus related rules limiting our abilities to conduct our lives as usual are Draconian. He is concerned that mass media are “supportive of the state’s messaging and deprivation of rights.” He is alarmed that “police departments throughout America have agreed to enforce these laws and edicts with what can only be described as frightening alacrity.” Citizens who report infractions of coronavirus separation rules, according to Dennis Prager, are snitches. He compares them to the political informers for the…...

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Henryk A. Kowalczyk An engineer by training, an argumentative writer by calling, and an entrepreneur by necessity. In my youth, I was among those Polish political writers who paved the road to the peaceful system transformation that took place in 1989. Since 1985, I have lived in the Chicago area. Working in the service business, I have experienced an America not known to most politicians and political writers. I have built from zero a few successful businesses, both in Poland and in the United States. I write whenever I see that the prevailing voices in the political arena are misleading or erroneous. I write to tell it like it is.