AWS for Enterprise Transformation: Secrets of Top Cloud Architects

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“What’s your approach to Enterprise Transformation using cloud?” is the question people keep asking me since I was made AWS HERO by Amazon last week. The business impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, probably, make the issue urgent. “Combine the best of Agile and AWS to enable the company’s value drivers,” is the answer I repeatedly make. In this article, I explain what I mean by transforming the business using AWS and how it works! THE ASSETS THAT SET THEM APART FROM THE CROWD But wait, before getting started, we must agree on a couple of enterprise transformation fundamentals, that knowledge…...

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Philippe Abdoulaye Philippe Abdoulaye is technology leader with hands-on expertise in leading IT organization transformation to cloud, IT infrastructure migration to AWS, and DevOps deployment. He is a member of Amazon Partner Network (APN) and Rackspace Partner Program and has been extensively working in Cloud and DevOps Transformation Advisory and Consulting. Founder of ITaaSNow LLC, a digital transformation advisory startup, Philippe is an international technology speaker, author of 7 books and more than 100 articles. He has been named in the top 20 cloud computing e-book sellers of all time by The Book Authority and featured in global technology and business magazines as prestigious as Forbes, ZDNet, Inc and foreign magazine like Germany's ComputerWocher. He is translated in French, Spanish, German, Chinese and cited in numerous digital transformation works.