How Congress Blindly Sees the Future of Tech Companies

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Technology Disruption will decimate Congress piece by piece The Congress of the United States of America called 4 CEOs of big tech companies to perform a circus on national TV. Jeff Bezos from Amazon. Tim Cook from Apple. Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook. And Sundar Pichai from Google. These 4 CEOs were in front of the Congress being questioned and accused of monopoly. I am a European guy. And I was shocked by what I heard and saw! The Inequality of the Questions Congress is the highest institution of the United States of America. They have the power to control, regulate, and drop any threat…...

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Nuno Fabião I am an obsessive reader and love writing about macro-economy, stock markets and disruptive technology. But also about life, love and human behavior. I´ve wrote a novel and since then I have been writing in local newspapers.