These dividend pearls have been convincing investors for 100 years

6 min read

Do you want stocks that pay out reliable bonuses? Then you should take a look at these two depots. Some stocks have been paying dividends for at least 100 years. A little brain teaser to get you started: Put yourself back in the days when there was still interest. When it was completely normal to get three, four or more percent returns per year on solid government bonds. Wasn’t it common at the time to hold these papers for five years or maybe even longer and enjoy the regular returns? The fact that the bonds fluctuated strongly in the meantime…...

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Johann Siemens I am a private Trader/Investor and am mainly interested in creating constant cash flows, especially with dividend strategies and selling options. I want to provide a general understanding of the stock market and make more people think about the many different ways to participate from it.