Futuristic Tech: Neuralink Update

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On August 28, Elon Musk provided a progress update for his company, Neuralink, which is aiming to create implantable Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) to enhance the brain. The company’s mission is to use a small, seamlessly implanted brain chip called “the Link” to solve various brain and spine issues, as well as enhance human capabilities.  How Does Neuralink Work? The Link is about the size of a large coin (23mm by 8mm), and it’s implanted in the skull through a surgery performed by a robot. The implant itself is attached to the skull, and it’s also connected to electrodes with wires…...

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Ramandeep Saini Ramandeep Saini is a writer who covers topics in emerging tech, such as artificial intelligence. She’s served as a consultant to companies such as Walmart Canada and Wealthsimple in the past, using her expertise in tech to guide them towards their corporate goals. In her free time, she runs an art blog and enjoys volunteering with local nonprofits.