Collapsing the Superposition: The Mathematics of Quantum Computing

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Quantum computing is one of the most exciting emerging technologies, especially with Google’s Sycamore quantum processor demonstrating supremacy in October of 2019. Quantum computing marks a paradigm shift in computing, having the potential to overhaul digital security and fuel scientific breakthroughs. But, what exactly is quantum computing? Let’s start with classical computing. At the heart of classical computing is the concept of computer logic. Computer logic is comprised of information and information processing. Information is simply strings of 1s and 0s. A conventional computer represents everything — from text to images— as a string of bits (binary digits). All your computer deals with are 1’s and 0’s. Why?…...

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Kaushik Chatterjee Kaushik Chatterjee is a 15-year old software developer who loves programming and implementing exponential technologies. He has created a blockchain implemented in Java, a Monte Carlo simulation in Python, and a program that performs technical analysis on stocks. He is currently researching how to use machine learning and sentiment analysis to predict the movement of securities. His goal is to be at the forefront of tech and impact billions of people.