Bringing DeFi Speed to Private Funds

4 min read

DeFi is bringing new excitement to the old idea of cooperative ownership. Customers get tokens, earn fees, and vote on decisions. In theory, this improves governance. In practice it accelerates customer commitment and adoption with a great loyalty reward. Can we apply this idea to the world of fund management? It’s a $5T question. Private market investment through long-term limited partnerships has been massively successful. These partnerships fund much-needed innovation and infrastructure. They have delivered high returns for professional private market investors. LP funds now contain more than $5T worth of assets. So, why mess with a good thing? There are…...

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Andy Singleton Andy is a software architect, CEO/CTO, and student of innovation. He is currently working on HumanDB, a new architecture for delivering automated medical advice, and Unbundled Fund, a better investment structure for digital private markets. He is the founder of Assembla, a SaaS collaboration company, PowerSteering Software, an enterprise SaaS company, Creation Mechanics, an evolutionary algorithms company, and employee #2 at SNL Financial. He has an undergraduate degree from Harvard.