Where Are All the Trillionaires?

3 min read

Recently, I accidentally clicked on an ad while trying to read a story on the internet. “It’s easy with my proven investment strategy to turn a few thousand dollars into millions,” a self-proclaimed expert insisted as he pointed viewers towards his paid services.  To an unsophisticated or inexperienced investor, this self-proclaimed “expert” might have sounded convincing and credible. After watching the video, I find myself frightened and worried about how many gullible, naive and desperate investors would seek to capitalize on this nonsense. Today, many new investors are enamored with the possibility of making easy and substantial money in the…...

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Jeff Greenstein Jeff Greenstein is an American entrepreneur and private investor based in Seattle, Washington. He is currently the President of YIS Capital, an active philanthropist and passionate collector of contemporary art. His work has previously been published in VentureBeat, TriplePundit, and Thrive Global.