The Kids Are Alright: Why Gen-Zs Front-runners will Succeed, Because of the Odds

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You’ve probably heard some variation of the following phrase: “hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”  Countless philosophers, writers, psychologists, and others have theorized about the cyclical nature of mankind’s triumphs and turmoils. In the 90s, Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe proposed a four-generational cycle of prophets, nomads, heroes, and artists. Each generation’s first entrants emerge 20 years after the previous generations’ front-runners. These groupings are meant to provide insight to the dominant worldviews, direction, and zeitgeist of various eras as well as help us…...

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Mohammed Siddiqui Studied Business and International Relations at Carnegie Mellon. Interested in geopolitics, political economy, technological innovation, markets, international development, and consumer trends. I enjoy investing, working out, and drinking Raspberry Hot Chocolate.