Tired of Losing to the Big Guys? Maybe You Should Write a Bot

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My Plan to Enter the World of Algotrading According to Business Wire, algorithmic trading (algotrading) is responsible for around 60–73% of all U.S. equity trading. These are largely owned by high-frequency trading firms that rely on data and lightning-fast speed to execute trades in all situations. Because speed is such an important part of the business, many firms are based in Chicago and New York where fiber optic cables connected them directly and saved precious milliseconds on trades. As one of the smallest fish in the ocean, my goal is to swim along with the current of the big guys. If the market is…...

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Silver Berry Silver Berry is a full time software engineer who is passionate about all things finance. She enjoys writing about the markets and analyzing upcoming trends and regularly publishes her finds on Medium. You can find the rest of her articles here: https://silverberrytea.medium.com/