When dollars fall from the skies..

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Markets speculate, more so, during times of low visibility and market volatility. The $1.9tr American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) has raised concerns about inflation flaring up that will leave little choice with the fed but to raise the fund rate. Altering this rate alters multiple short term and long-term economic variables and hence markets would speculate in pursuit of better control. Money managers are already pumping in record flows into inflation hedged bonds. Most retail investors and traders in the markets today have started investing after the great financial crisis of 2008 and, thus, have little experience of market behaviour…...

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Surajit Barua Surajit is currently VP-Revenue for Researchfin.ai, a fintech start-up helping retail investors and traders with trading signals and decision making on stocks. He has extensive experience in the investment management space and holds a Sloan Master's from the London Business School.