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An All-Purpose Tool that is built with *your* interest in mind — whether you are a writer or a reader!

Since we started DDI, we have worked with thousands of writers, many of which are experts in their own fields, founders and thought leaders of all types of projects and initiatives, or people who love sharing their thoughts with the world.

Believe it or not, many of these articles are beautifully written with great insights, but didn’t get any attention they deserved — there was no comment, not circulated to the larger audience on any platform, not noticed at all.

And then we got article submissions (to our main site) that taught people how to gain views or earn money on popular writing platforms. Some people like to talk about these topics and we respect that. But these obviously aren’t the key ‘tricks’ that writers should focus on. The reason is that they address such a limited topic, with an unreliable solution that ends up with an outcome that might not be worth mentioning at all.

As we want our writers to grow beyond any publishing platform and start building their own massive following on “all platforms” — that is our goal that has never changed from day one.

I understand that you, as a writer, can succeed through your articles, which will then translate to business success and authority building on certain topics. But I am talking about your chance of success here, and a genuine ability to have control over things that directly lead to an article’s exposure and reach. 

If you think about it, there has been no such way since the start of the internet.

As someone who studies backend traffic stats, I would safely say there is no reliable way to achieve consistent readership growth if you just write and hit publish. Any virality of anything online is, and remains, a hit-and-miss chance event at best.

What you will find is that the 80/20 rule is fast becoming more like a 99/1 rule — especially in a world with persistent lockdowns, social isolations, and new types of fears, getting your word out there and building your own audience become your only way to thrive — whether it is for your business or for your side hustles. Simply explore the following:

  • How are you going to be known online for anything you do or want to do?
  • What if you can’t achieve that? and are also limited in either skills or resources when it comes to setting up paid ads, and have no time to gain an edge in terms of organic search traffic?

In short, before I introduce you to our new tool (see below), there is really no known way to systematically get humans to visit anything new, such as a new site, a new social account, or a new video.

You see how big this problem is — you can’t control traffic and where the attention goes.

People got used to it because no one thinks there is much that we can do.

People got used to working hard and leaving favorable future outcomes to chances.

You might think about creating better content, making good videos, but the question remains as to how you are going to make sure things get any activity once they are posted on some other platforms — that you don’t actually have any control over.

Put bluntly, in the old world, you just create, publish, and hope for the best!

DDI is going to change all that with this first-ever tool built for the interests of online content creators!

DDImario — Solving the Online Engagement Problem with First Principle in mind

DDImario is a platform for our writers to get some help from other users. The initial majority of these users is from our own community, but as we release more functions we expect the tool will be useful for all communities in the future.

If you join using this special link, you can get a new user account that comes with 20 DDIN tokens.

We will only offer this for a short period of time.

After the above link stops working, you can still obtain a special signup link if you are a regular DDI contributor, by sending an email to [email protected]

If you are not a regular DDI contributor, you can still sign up by clicking on “Become Mario” button. You will still have a new account that comes with 5 DDIN tokens.

DDIMario allows you to

– create a task that you need help with (by using your DDIN balance);

– complete a task and earn DDINs;

For the impatient who want to create many tasks right away, you can always purchase DDINs.

For those who would like to earn a DDIN income, we would advise you to also check the box “Power Mario” on signup. If you check this box, you will receive an instant email notification on every new task created for your selected categories.

Initially, our task platforms and task types would be quite limited. The most general task type will be “External Website” task type. Tasks such as commenting on articles can be created and completed by another user.

After a task is completed, task creator will receive a notification, which asks him/her to review the task and approve/reject it. A pre-set DDIN cost will only be deducted from his/her account if the task is well done and accepted.

In return for a task’s completion, the user who completes a task will be rewarded for DDINs, which can be used for the user’s future task creation, or for exchange back to USD by selling the DDINs back to DDI at User Selling Price (USP).

All the initial rules are set up here:

(Note that as this project is an experiment, we might see a need to constantly revise the above rules to further optimize task creation and task completion traffic.)

Some Hints for Beginning Marios:

  • For task creators, you can request comments on new and old articles, on any website;
  • each task will only be grabbed by one other user, so if you want multiple users commenting on 1 article, you will need to create multiple tasks on the same article (by checking the “multiple entries” check box. The number of tasks you create is limited only by your account DDIN balance.
  • For examples, if you only have 10 DDINs on your account, you can only create 3 commenting tasks on articles, but if you have 100 DDINs, you can create a lot more.
  • you can create a task on your own external website. That is beta. Experiment with it and let us know how it goes. For examples, there is a video-capture function that allows you to authenticate your task completion by taking short video on your browser tab. Follow the steps closely to make sure your task creator can review your work and approve it so you can earn DDINs.
  • To make a meaningful DDIN income, you’ll need to switch on “Power Mario” option. Use email labels (or use your own way to segregate your emails) to filter out those notifications so they won’t drive you crazy.
  • We have designed the system in a way such that if you focus on completing tasks, you will have no issue earning a few thousand USD a month as a start.
  • Not to forget there is a User Selling Price (USP) for each DDIN, and that is tied to the account owner. Cooperative, consistent use of DDImario account will lead to an upward trending USP, which means not only more DDIN income, but also a higher USD income for you.
  • We are experimenting with some rules that govern USP growth/reduction. We can only disclose those rules when the system reaches a certain stage of development.
  • If you are a regular task creator, it is always advisable to accumulate more DDINs by completing tasks for other users.

Summing Up

DDImario is our attempt to solve a sizable problem for content creators. It might work for you, whether it is for anything you need help with, or for earning a DDIN income.

Let us take it as an open project. I will be reporting from time to time on key observations and findings, as well as new integrations and new features.

All feature/platform integration requests and feature suggestions are welcome! Please send us your thoughts at [email protected]

Dr Justin Chan Dr Chan founded (DDI) and is the CEO for JCube Capital Partners. Specialized in strategy development, alternative data analytics and behavioral finance, Dr Chan also has extensive experience in investment management and financial services industries. Prior to forming JCube and DDI, Dr Chan served in the capacity of strategy development in multiple hedge funds, fintech companies, and also served as a senior quantitative strategist at GMO. A published author at professional journals in finance, Dr. Chan holds a Ph.D. degree in finance from UCLA.

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