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Earning DDINs While You Sleep

DDIMario launched its generously designed Referral Program.

Now, you can spot a friend who will benefit awesomely from the system and bring him/her your own referral link.

This is huge!

Now you can refer a new DDIMario user using 3 ways:

  • You can refer others by using your own referral link (the link is available from your dashboard — “Refer and Earn” page)
  • You can let others have your Referral Code (which can be used when a new user signs up)
  • Lastly, you can send an invitation email from your dashboard.

To be in the referral program, the referrer (i.e. you) will need to be an active DDIMario user.

Definition of Active User: You just need to finish 1 task creation cycle, or 1 task completion cycle, within the last 15 days.

Below is for the more technically inclined — but it needs to be clearly explained.

1 task creation cycle: User creates a task, wait for task submission email where the user is asked to Approve/Decline the task being completed. If the task is rejected, it gets thrown back to the DDIMario queue for other task completers to pick it up. If the task is accepted, the DDINs on hold for the task will be transferred to the task completer.

From the time of task creation to the time when the task is finally accepted by the task creator, the period of time is called task creation cycle.

1 task completion cycle: User completes a task in the system. It takes some time before the task creator approves/rejects the task. Given a high enough quality of the task being completed, the user will experience a task acceptance event.

From the time of task completion (by task completer) in the system, to the time the task is accepted (by task creator), the period of time is called task completion cycle.

So, being an active user doesn’t mean you can just create a task, or just complete a task. You have to “close the loop” of the entire event. By calling it a “cycle”, there is a definite outcome for task creation or task completion which leads to a successful transfer of DDIN tokens to the task completer.

Dr Justin Chan Dr Chan founded DataDrivenInvestor.com (DDI) and is the CEO for JCube Capital Partners. Specialized in strategy development, alternative data analytics and behavioral finance, Dr Chan also has extensive experience in investment management and financial services industries. Prior to forming JCube and DDI, Dr Chan served in the capacity of strategy development in multiple hedge funds, fintech companies, and also served as a senior quantitative strategist at GMO. A published author at professional journals in finance, Dr. Chan holds a Ph.D. degree in finance from UCLA.

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