How to get the latest commodity pricing in Google Sheet

4 min read

Google sheet has easy macros to get price of US stocks and currency, but not for gold or silver. Here’s easy & free trick to get latest prices! I use Google Sheets for tracking my expenses, assets, and liabilities. Google Sheet has first-class support for querying the latest values of stocks on US-based exchanges like NASDAQ or NYSE. On the other hand, it doesn’t have as well support for other exchanges like SGX: Singapore Exchange. To overcome this we are supposed to run awkward hacks like crawling yahoo finance pages. In this article, I’ll share how to write an AppScript code that will allow you to crawl…...

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Minhaz Vadakekara I am Software Engineer who is looking to retire ASAP (FIRE). I invest a lot of my money on different derivatives and tend to write about data driven investment at times. This publication looks like a good fit to publish.