From the Mastery of Go to Therapeutic Applications: How Neural Networks Handle Human Emotions

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As I was catching up on world tech documentaries, I came across AlphaGo, directed by Greg Kohs (available on YouTube), which had developed a cult following in some circles. It’s been long since I last saw a production that would tackle artificial intelligence, algorithms and programming in such a way. The film overflows with human emotions. However, this one does not purvey a dark narrative, casting AI as an alienating force that tightens its grip on humanity. Neither is it yet another story on ruthless corporations that surveil our smartphones and take away our freedoms. AlphaGo’s unique tone can be…...

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Norbert Biedrzycki Head of Services CEE at Microsoft. Leads Microsoft services in 36 countries which include business and technology consulting, in particular in areas such as big data and AI, business applications, cybersecurity, premium and cloud services. Previously, as a Vice President Digital McKinsey, responsible for CEE, providing holistic combination of strategic consulting, digital transformation through rapid deployment of business applications, big data solutions and advanced analytics, business use of artificial intelligence, blockchain and IoT. Prior to that, Norbert was as the President of the Management Board and CEO of Atos Polska, and was also the CEO of ABC Data S.A. and the President of the Management Board and CEO of Sygnity S.A. He had previously also worked for McKinsey as a partner and, at the beginning of his career, he was the head of Oracle's consulting and business development services. Norbert's passion is technology – he is interested in robotization, automation, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, VR, AR, and IoT and the impact modern technologies have on our economy and society. You can read more on this on his blog.