Usage of AI in the Healthcare Industry

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What is AI? Artificial Intelligence is simulated human intelligence within computers- these computers are programmed to break down, analyse, and mirror the actions of their human counterparts. This specific terminology may also refer to any machine that exhibits human-like characteristics, such as constant learning and problem-solving. Machines such as this are extremely beneficial to society, especially within the healthcare sector, as it is competent, practical, and reduces the risk of human error. Practicality and competency are highly prevalent within AI because machines are fundamentally more efficient; especially in diagnosing medical problems. However, there are many advantages and disadvantages to Artificial…...

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Kovtunov Illia Ilya Kovtunov is a Content Writer at the software development company CodeIT. Having started in 2013 as a marketing associate, Ilya ultimately took the plunge into content. He is in love with the world of information technology, startups, and the latest tech trends, and therefore he always has something to write on.