How Can Writing Attract New Customers To Your Business?

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Writing means articles, guides, newsletters, case studies, and generally all the valuable text content that a company produces. Writing attracts new users, converts the audience into buyers, and converts buyers into loyal customers. This article tells how writing helps companies, what are the formats of writing and who is suitable for this method of promotion.

What tasks does writing solve?

Writing content has been used by marketers for a long time. And for all these years, it has not lost its value. So, writing:

  • Helps increase sales. A positive brand image, openness in communicating with customers, and expertise work to increase sales. Statistically, 47% of people read about 3-5 blog posts before making a purchase decision. And data from a study by Sprout Social says that 9 out of 10 people prefer to buy from brands they know well from social media.
  • Helps drive more traffic to the website. Regular writing increases the SEO position of the website, bringing people to it from search engines.
  • Introduces the brand, product, or service to the audience. Writing increases the company’s recognition and helps to tell what benefits the client will receive, immerses them in the specifics of the field, and allows them to share interesting facts and news.
  • Shows the expertise of the company. Writing introduces industry experts and increases trust in the brand, its products, and its services.
  • Helps expand the audience and increase the subscriber base. With the help of a blog, you can build an audience and collect leads.

If you still don`t use writing as a direction for business development, you lose a lot. So don’t waste time and consider writing content as a part of your marketing. But keep in mind that writing content doesn’t suit any business.

Who doesn’t need writing content?

Sometimes you look around: everyone has blogs with great articles and entire media. It seems like you have to do the same thing right away. But you don’t have to.

Classic writing content with a blog is unlikely to be effective for:

  • Local, non-networked establishments -beauty salons, stores, bars, restaurants, coffee shops.
  • Services used in case of force majeure – call for a tow truck, repair of household appliances.
  • Spontaneous goods and everyday purchases – food, hygiene products, household sundries like batteries and light bulbs, office supplies, etc.

In these cases, customers do not care about the information field around the product. Other factors will influence the customer’s choice:

  • Accessibility – one can buy a product or use a service close to home.
  • Responsiveness – there is no time to study the characteristics and reputation, the service or product is urgently needed.
  • Price and assortment – there is no sense in telling about products of everyday use that are familiar to every person without any blogs. It is much more important to give the customer the products they need at fair prices and allow them to choose.

In such cases, it is better to create a convenient website where the customer can learn the most important things: what the product is, how useful it is, and how much it costs. People do not care about the information field around the company but how easy it is to find you. So it is worth taking care of website SEO. Or adapt the same information for the format of social networks.

Sometimes it is enough word of mouth. It is not uncommon for local stores or catering. If the product or service is of high quality and the service is cordial, local residents will create a good reputation with their reviews.

When writing content is needed?

A new project. Talking about a new product or service is logical and necessary. This will explain to the audience what’s what, increasing confidence in an unfamiliar product. Another advantage: regular quality writing content raises the website’s search engine rankings and helps increase traffic. Thus, companies often try to collaborate with a professional essaywriter to accomplish this task perfectly.

Complex product or service. Some products are difficult for the average person to understand without expert help. For example, technically complex products or services that require immersion in specific areas (medicine, finance, legal services). With the help of writing content, you can close the audience’s questions and help customers make a choice.

Expensive product. The high cost usually increases the duration of the buying cycle. The user studies the features of a good or service for a long time and weighs the pros and cons before parting with a large sum. In such cases, the writing content helps unobtrusively present the product, builds trust, and leads the client to purchase.

Scaling up marketing. There are times when everything is fine with the website and advertising, but you want to build up your audience and lower your cost per lead. Writing content will help attract new customers, warm up the audience, and increase brand credibility. Incorporating a QR code using a dynamic QR code generator could also be a good additional feature that you could try.

What should writing content be?

Low-quality writing is more likely to alienate than bring in new customers. To create content that the user won’t pass by, you need to study your audience.

Benefits to the reader. Be sure to consider the interests and needs of the audience to be informative. It is helpful if it answers the user’s questions and explains even the most complex things in simple terms.

Examples and comparisons. Users perceive information nicely when there is a reference to familiar situations they regularly encounter.

Personal experience. It is helpful to share what has been experienced and to describe successful cases and practices.

Expert opinions. Sometimes the product is complicated, and the service is not transparent. You can ask the expert, who will lay out the information and help you figure out what’s what.

Attractiveness. Writing content should capture the reader’s attention and evoke an emotional response. It is good if the writing content involves a designer who helps to create high-quality visual support for the texts.

Recognizable style. Your tone of voice will help you set yourself apart from your competitors and be remembered. Over time, users will recognize the brand at a glance.

Efficiency. Writing content should gently warm up your audience and contain a call to action that you expect the user to take. For example, read another article, watch a video or webinar, subscribe to social networks, go to the website, or buy a product or service.


More than half of users find a product or service through their smartphones. Cisco reports that the share of mobile traffic is overgrowing. So adapt your writing content for mobile to keep your customers coming back.

Now you know how writing can attract new customers to your business. It’s time to set goals, create relevant writing content, and measure results.

Eliza Medley I am an experienced writer, and marketer. I am actively interested in management, new technologies, and writing motivational articles. I also like catching up on modern trends. And inspire people to learn new things and reach new heights.

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