How Banks Make Money During Economic Changes

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Introduction What would happen if your bank refused to return your money upon withdrawal? Saying, “I’m broke”, you’d lose your checking account, life savings, and everything else. Well, as scary as this seems, you might not want to start withdrawing all your money out of the bank. Here are some of the ways the Feds and the concept of monetary policy will keep your bank in business. Before beginning, many individuals believe that the Feds are associated with the government and politics in general. In theory, they are an independent group that makes its own decisions that the federal government…...

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Dhruv Shah My name is Dhruv Shah and I'm a current Sophomore at Hopkinton High School. I write articles on the Medium and am the CEO at S.S.B. Company. I am passionate for macroeconomics and analysis and continue to voyage through the financial world.