How to Solve Newcomb’s “Paradox”

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There is only one solution A godlike being — let’s call her Omega — presents you with two boxes. Box A is open and contains €1,000. Box B, however, is closed; Omega tells you it either contains €1,000,000 or nothing at all. You have a choice: take both boxes, or only take box B. Easy, right? You don’t know what box B contains, but whatever it contains, taking both boxes (“two-boxing”) will get you €1,000 more than taking only box B (“one-boxing”). But wait, there’s a catch: Omega has predicted what you would do. Of course, you don’t know her prediction; Omega, however, does tell you that she…...

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Hein de Haan My name is Hein de Haan. An Artificial Intelligence expert, I am concerned with the future of humanity. As a result, I try to study as much as possible about many different topics in order to have a positive impact on society.