Web Scraping to Predict Competitor Performance in Retail

3 min read

Competitor monitoring is a popular and wide-ranging application for web scraping. After all, a large part of the valuable information comes from understanding the actions and strategies our competition employs. Getting accurate data on various performance indicators can be somewhat tough. Traditionally, we’d be able to get a glimpse into the financials once a year, if the company is publicly traded or publishes reports. Even then, these reports might not be as illuminating as one might think. Savvy companies will minimize any sensitive information and only report what’s necessary, such as spendings, holdings, and overall revenue. You’ll rarely find the…...

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Andrius Palionis Since 2015, Andrius Palionis has been supporting major companies around the world in their journey towards data-driven decision making. His motto “persistence is progress” has driven him to transform global attitudes towards the importance of data to business success and growth. As a Director of Sales and later VP of Enterprise Solutions at Oxylabs, Andrius obtained an in-depth understanding of main challenges that arise with data acquisition. Day to day, he uses his problem-solving and team management skills to accelerate the performance of numerous companies by successfully bridging their data needs with the most effective solutions.