Do You Need Accounting To Read Annual Reports?

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Learn to read annual reports even if you don’t know any accounting Warren Buffett has said:  Accounting is the language of business. Except he forgot to mention how hard it is to learn the language. It felt excruciating when I first tried to understand the financial statements. It was like looking at meaningless numbers side by side. I knew I should learn accounting but there was just too much to learn in one go and it can be such a boring topic. I instead read annual reports from a data analyst’s point of view and I swear that I learned…...

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Jason Huynh I'm a data analyst who enjoy reading annual reports. My hobbies include exercise, cooking and being a well rounded dad. I work as an analyst in the higher education sector in Australia but my passion is in investing. I used to believe that data could solve everything but it wasn't until I read Charlie Munger's "Poor Charlie's almanack" that I realised that I've been thinking in silos all this time and I really needed to expand my experiences and reading. What concerns me about life is making silly choices and following the trend aimlessly. I believe in critical thinking and serving others as I would like to be served.