Create a Reliable and Secure App with FinTech Web Development

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Financing – this is always one of the struggles of companies especially those that are just starting. People need to be aware of how to do this but there are a lot of small things that can be overlooked in the process. Fintech gives people an opportunity to get the best of two different worlds, particularly finance and technology. What is Fintech? Fintech is a term created to describe the fusion of different elements that are related to finance and technology. This can include software, trading platforms, and mobile applications that are meant to improve the way that consumers and…...

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Kateryna Boiko Kateryna Boiko is a Marketing Director at Mobilunity, Provider of Dedicated Development Teams with 9 years of hands-on experience in digital marketing. Kateryna managed to work with diverse industries and markets and now is keen on sharing unique cases with the world and coach on topics relevant to Web Analytics and Search Engine Optimization.