Optimizing the Life Sciences Supply Chain through Network Visibility and Demand-Driven Planning

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Explore life sciences supply chain optimization through network visibility, demand-driven planning, digital transformation, and coopetition Introduction: Embracing Digital Transformation and Coopetition The life sciences industry is undergoing a major shift as new technologies are enabling companies to embrace digital transformation and coopetition to optimize their supply chains. Network visibility and demand-driven planning are key aspects of this transformation, leading to improved accessibility, affordability, and availability of treatments. In this article, we will explore the impact of these changes on the industry and discuss ways to navigate this new landscape. The Role of Network Visibility in Preventing Disruptions and Ensuring Alternative…...

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Flavio Aliberti Flavio Aliberti brings with him a 23-year track record in consulting around business intelligence, change management, strategy, M&A transformation, IT and SOX auditing for high regulated domains, like Insurance, Airlines, Trade Associations, Automotive, and Pharma. He holds an MSc in Space Aeronautic Engineering from the University of Naples and an MSc in Advanced Information Technology and Business Management from the University of Wales.