Two Bites Of The Cherry

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In any trade, the differential between our purchase and sale prices represents our profit or loss. Simple and conventional. Digging a little deeper, the underlying price action actually presents another potential for profit. Simply put, the rate and magnitude of price changes of an underlying asset manifest as volatility. In the investment and trading arena, volatility can be a tradable product as it can be priced and its value changes over time. Exploiting its potential allows for additional profit drivers, beyond simply price level differentials. This is suitably demonstrated in the price action of Natural Gas Futures currently. Natural Gas…...

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Desmond Chew Desmond is an established Financial Services professional, having garnered more than 20 years of experience and expertise with eminent financial institutions such as Standard Chartered Bank, OCBC and CIMB. Known for his global perspectives, he has spent time based both in Singapore and China. Desmond’s area of specialisation is in corporate financing, primarily working capital and project financing for corporates. Through stints in Corporate Banking and Private Equity, he has been able to provide comprehensive solutioning services, combining perspectives both from debt and equity financing. Instilled with a balanced appreciation of risk and return, Desmond has not only helped many companies with their financing requirements but also provided much value-add through advice on treasury and capital management solutions. An avid market watcher, Desmond has a keen interest in investing, employing strategies particularly of a contrarian bent. This has enabled him to offer much sought after, alternative views for his clients, leading to better overall business decisioning.