Exploration’s Edge: How Historical Voyages Shape Today’s Innovation

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A digital map of the world with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. The map should feature routes represented by lines made of bits and binary code

Discover how lessons from historic voyages drive modern innovation, creating lasting value through strategic technology and resource management A ship glides across the boundless blue ocean. Its sails flutter in the wind. This image encapsulates the spirit of the Age of Exploration, an incredible time in which courageous pioneers like Columbus, Magellan, and da Gama fearlessly dared to envision a world beyond the confines of the horizon. These brave adventurers altered the course of history. Their innovative thinking uncovered uncharted territories, forging extensive trade networks that linked remote regions of the world. Modern innovators, like those early explorers, are journeying through the complexity of new technologies and developing markets. The principles that ensured…...

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Flavio Aliberti Flavio Aliberti brings with him a 23-year track record in consulting around business intelligence, change management, strategy, M&A transformation, IT and SOX auditing for high regulated domains, like Insurance, Airlines, Trade Associations, Automotive, and Pharma. He holds an MSc in Space Aeronautic Engineering from the University of Naples and an MSc in Advanced Information Technology and Business Management from the University of Wales.